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German Courses for International Students and Visiting Academics

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The Department German as a Foreign Language offers free language courses for international students and academics of the Heinrich Heine University (HHU).

The courses are intended for participants whose knowledge of the language range from elementary to advanced level. There is an obligatory placement test at the beginning of every semester to give you an idea of the level of your German.

You will find information about the following items here:

Courses offered and conditions of participation

In order to attend the courses, you have to be a student at the HHU (to be verified by means of your student card) or an academic (visiting academic) at the HHU (to be verified by means of a letter from your institute).

To enable us to determine your current language level, you also have to take the obligatory placement test. After that, it is possible for you to register for courses at your level in the following fields:

General language courses:

  • Elementary Level (A1 and A2), Intermediate Level (B1 and B2) and Advanced Level (C1)

Higher level courses (different levels):

  • Grammar
  • Phonetics
  • Vocabulary Building
  • Skill Training (e. g. Conversation Training, Writing Skills)
  • German Culture
  • Business German
  • Preparatory course for TestDaF

The courses are in-sessional, i.e. they take place during the general lecture period of the university, and classes, either two or four hours, are held weekly. Courses currently being offered in summer term 2019 can be found in undefinedHIS-LSF.

Course overview summer term 2019 as undefinedPDF.



Placement test

In the 2019 summer term, the obligatory placement test will be held between 9.00 h and 12.00 h on Friday, 05.04.2019 in Building 25.22, lecture hall 5G. The test takes approx. 45 minutes. Admission is on a continuous basis, i.e. you can come and take the test at any time between 9 and 12 am. There is no need to register for this test, please just come along to the room. You will get the result of your test on the same morning and also information about the level of the courses you can take.

Registration for all courses is between 06.04. - 20.04.2019.


You can go to the courses without taking the placement test:

  • If you wish to take an Elementary Level Course 1 (A1.1)
  • If you have already taken a course with us and passed the final test. You can then take a course at the next level up. Please take the certificate with the grade from your previous course to the first class and show it to your teacher.
  • You can take the advanced level courses if you have proof of at least DSH 2 or Test DAF TDN4 or telc Deutsch C1 Hochschule, or have successfully completed a course B2 / B2.2 at Studiengebiet Deutsch als Fremdsprache. Please take the appropriate certificate with you to the first class and show it to the teacher.


Registration via HIS-LSF is required for all students. Registration takes place between 06.04. - 20.04.2019, after the placement test.

Academics of the HHU without a matriculation number should report to the teacher at the first class.

To enable as many people as possible to take part in the programme, you should only register if you are seriously interested in attending the course on a regular basis and participating actively in it. To ensure this, personally attending the first class of the selected course is imperative. Otherwise, it is possible that you will be excluded from your course. Please note that registering for a course is not the same as admission to the course. Please only register for courses corresponding to the result of your placement test.

Admission to the courses

After checking that you have registered for a course corresponding to your level, the course teacher will admit you in the first few weeks of the term. When you register, it is possible that the course you have chosen is full because the maximum number of participants has already been reached. In this case, you can attend a parallel course instead - if such a course is offered for that particular level.

There are therefore four steps to successful registration:

  1. Participation in the placement test – obligatory for all those interested (exceptions see above “Placement test”).
  2. For students: registration for suitable classes via HISLSF. For academics: registration with your teacher by means of a letter from your institute.
  3. Attendance at the first class of the chosen course.
  4. Admission by the teacher

Acquiring a certificate

In principle, one Credit Point per semester hour (Semesterwochenstunde – SWS) is awarded for attending a language course at Studiengebiet Deutsch als Fremdsprache.

The conditions for granting Credit Points are as follows: regular attendance, active participation in the lessons, completion of homework and also successful participation in the final examination of the respective course. Further details about this can be found in the detailed course description in HISLSF or from the teacher in the first lesson. Apart from Credit Points, a mark is given but this has no influence on the number of Credit Points. Taking the examination at the end of the course is part of the proper attendance of a Studiengebiet Deutsch als Fremdsprache language course. If you do not take the final examination or do not pass it, an informal confirmation of participation in the course can be issued on request. In this case, there will be a remark on it that you did not take the examination or did not pass it.

The following additional rule applies to ERASMUS students or international students from other programmes:

If more than the above number of Credit Points is required by the foreign university, these additional points can be awarded for additional course achievements (e.g. written homework, topical presentations or the like). These additional points, which are intended for the foreign university only, are specified separately on the certificate of achievement and added to the basic points. A total of not more than two additional points per course can be acquired in this way, in the case of 2 SWS (semester hours) that means a maximum total of four. A mark is also given for the additional achievement and this is incorporated in the total mark.

Further information

Studiengebiet Deutsch als Fremdsprache
Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf
Universitätsstraße 1, Geb. 25.13/R. 00.34
D-40225 Düsseldorf

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E-Mail daf(at)hhu.de

Telefon  +49 211 81-12946 
Fax  +49 211 81-11340

Current opening times of the DaF office can be found undefinedhere.




Courses summer term 2019

German Courses
You can find an overview of German courses taking place during the summer term 2019 at undefinedLSF. Alternatively, you can download the programme as a undefinedPDF.

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